RTO cancellations for 2018

​​RTO cancellations 1/01/2018 to 31/12/2018

Provider No Business trading name Legal name Reason Name Position
​22149​Al-Taqwa CollegeThe Islamic Schools of Victoria (Werribee College) Inc​voluntary cancellation​Omar Hallak​Principal
​22592​Ashleys Training and Education​Ashleys Health Care Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellation​David Quinn​Liquidator
21315​Auswide Assessors Pty LtdAuswide Assessors Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellation​William Simmons​​CEO​
​21410​Berendale School​Berendale School​voluntary cancellation​Jennifer Hamilton​Principal
​21477​Business Professionals Group Pty Ltd​Business Professionals Group Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellation​Darryn McKenzie​Training Manager
​21301​Cherie McLean-First Aid Services​Cherie McLean-First Aid Services Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellation​Cherie McLean​Owner/Operator
​22580Contix Pty Ltd​Contix Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellationJoseph Dodd​CEO
20842Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human Services​voluntary cancellation​Ian Lanyon​​CEO​
​21902​Family Planning Victoria Inc​Family Planning Victoria Inc​voluntary cancellation​Sarah Thistle​Manager, Education and Training
21177Goldfields Employment and Learning Centre IncGoldfields Employment and Learning Centre Inc​voluntary cancellation​John Williamson​CEO​
​3874​Inner Eastern Group Training-online training​Victorian Institute of Management​​​​​​​voluntary cancellation​Michael McQuillen​CEO
​21303​Innovation Plus (AUST) Pty Ltd​Innovation Plus (AUST) Pty Ltd​​​​​​voluntary cancellation​Salvatrice Cataldo​CEO​
​3902​Lalor Living and Learning Centre Inc​Lalor Living and Learning Centre Inc​voluntary cancellation​Kevin Vivian​Executive Manager
​3920​Macedon Ranges Further Education Centre Inc​Macedon Ranges Further Education Centre Inc​​​​​​​voluntary cancellation​Kerri Diss​Acting Executive Officer
6935Quality Training & Education CentreBendigo Stadium Ltd​​​​​​​voluntary cancellationNathan O'Neill​CEO
4069Sandybeach Community Co-op Society LtdSandybeach Community Co-op Society Ltd​​​​​​​voluntary cancellationSue Hart​CEO
​6184​St Helena Secondary College​St Helena Secondary College​voluntary cancellation​Karen Terry​Principal
22525V/Line Pty Ltd​V/Line Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellation​Dean Matthews​CEO
4197Women's Information and Referral Exchange IncWomen's Information and Referral Exchange Inc​​​​​​​voluntary cancellationJulie Kun​CEO
4206Yarra Valley Grammar SchoolYarra Valley Grammar School​​​​​​​voluntary cancellationMark MerryPrincipal