RTO cancellations for 2022

​​RTO cancellations 1/01/2022 to 31/12/2022

Provider No Business trading name Legal name Reason Name Position
All Skills Services Pty Ltd
​All Skills Services Pty Ltd​oluntary cancellation​Dale Thomas Gollop​CEO
6389Angliss Neighbourhood House Inc​Angliss Neighbourhood House Inc
​voluntary cancellationMeg Higgins
​Australian College of Equine PodiotherapyAustralian College of Equine Podiotherapy
​voluntary cancellation​Anfrew Bowe
Camberwell Grammar School
​Camberwell Grammar School Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellationPaul HicksPrincipal
Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
​Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria​voluntary cancellation​Tania Farhan
​Farnham Street Neighbourhood Learning Centre Inc
​Farnham Street Neighbourhood Learning Centre Inc​voluntary cancellation
​Catherine Connop
​Footscray High School
​Footscray High School
​voluntary cancellation​Frank Vetere
​Langwarrin Community Centre Inc
Langwarrin Community Centre Inc
​voluntary cancellation​Samantha Rowley​Manager
​Portland Workskills Inc​Portland Workskills Inc​voluntary cancellation​Bernard Wallace
​Executive Officer
​Spectrum Education & Training Centre
​Spectrum Education & Training Centre​voluntary cancellation​Bernie Nott
​Springvale Learning and Activities Centre​Springvale Learning and Activities Centre​voluntary cancellation​Elena Sergueeva​Manager
​Western Autistic School
​Western Autistic School​voluntary cancellation​Adele Field​Principal
​Williamstown Community and Education Centre Inc
​Williamstown Community and Education Centre Inc
​voluntary cancellationMark Brophy​Centre Manager