Becoming an approved employer

Your local Apprenticeship Network provider will ask you to make declarations about any convictions for indictable offences, and any findings or convictions in relation to workplace safety, pay and conditions.

You have the option of providing this information via a declaration or a statutory declaration. If you opt to sign a statutory declaration, you will be exempted from verification checks.

Your details will be provided to us. It is then our job to decide whether to approve you as an employer, before you enter into any training contract.

Some of the criteria we consider include:

  • The premises in which the apprentice/trainee is to be employed.

  • The equipment and methods to be used in training.

  • Whether any person whom the employer uses or intends to use for supervising the apprentice's training:

    • has the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and skill

    • is otherwise a fit and proper person for the purpose of training.

  • Whether the employer is a fit and proper person to employ an apprentice.

    For more details on our approval process, see: