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Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority
Edition 50
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A message from the Acting Director

Welcome to the first edition of e-news for 2016. This edition sees a number of new and updated VRQA guidelines coming into effect as well as information about VRQA fees for 2016.

The Victorian Government has now introduced the child safe standards for organisations that work with children as part of its response to the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry. Registered schools have until 1 August 2016 to meet the requirements of the child safe standards, as specified in Ministerial Order 870.

The child safe standards apply to overseas secondary student exchange programs and non-school senior secondary providers from 1 January 2016. The VRQA will provide guidance and information throughout 2016 to assist education providers to implement these important changes.

In the VET sector the 2016 VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers provide for a nationally consistent approach to VET regulation. RTOs are advised to check business operations against the 2016 VRQA Guidelines and ensure they can demonstrate compliance by 1 April 2016.

Changes to the Overseas Secondary Student Exchange Organisations (SEO) Guidelines provide extra measures to ensure the safety and protection of overseas secondary students studying in Victoria. The VRQA Guideline – School Financial Capability Assessment broadens the VRQA’s powers to monitor and assess the financial capability of independent schools and take action, when necessary, to protect the interests of school students as consumers. Both guidelines came into effect 15 December 2015.

Further information is available in this edition of e-news.

Franco Greco

VRQA Alerts and Events
Pre-registration information and financial management guidance session for Vocational Education and Training (VET )
2016 VRQA Guidelines for VET providers


New child safe standards

New child safe standards - promoting cultures where protecting children from abuse is part of everyday thinking.


more information on new child safe standards
Regulatory changes for VET

The 2016 VRQA Guidelines for VET Providers have changed to align Victoria’s RTO requirements with the national standards.


2016 Guidelines for VET providers
Changes to overseas secondary student exchange organisations

The VRQA Guidelines, Conditions and Application Form for the Approval of Overseas Secondary Student Exchange Organisations have been updated.


changes to the OSSEO guidelines
VRQA powers broadened to protect school students as consumers

The VRQA has newly expanded powers to conduct school financial capability assessments of independent schools.


new financial capability assessments of independent schools
VRQA fees and charges as at 1 January 2016

The VRQA’s VET fees have been frozen for another year. Other fees and charges have changed to reflect the Consumer Price Index.


VRQA fees and charges for 2016
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