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Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority
Edition 10
Season's greetings from all at the VRQA

A message from the Director

Welcome to the 10th edition of E-news. This edition will provide you with information on the findings of the AUQA higher education audit.

The VRQA held its contractors’ seminar on Wednesday 9 March. Presentation slides from the seminar are included in this edition.

I also draw your attention to draft legislation to establish the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) which has been released by the Federal Minister for public comment.

We welcome any feedback from you on this edition and encourage you to email us your suggestions for future article topics.

Lynn Glover

VRQA Alerts and Events
March - May 2011
Financial management guidance session
New school registration information session
AQTF and CRICOS pre-registration information session

Outcomes of AUQA higher education audit of VRQA

The Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) has released its Consolidation National Report on the audit of Government Accreditation Authorities (GAAs).

These audits were to enable the GAAs to: report on actions taken on their cycle one AUQA audit findings; identify good practices and priorities for improvement in regulation and quality assurance processes, for referral to the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA); and identify the strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of the current National Protocols and accompanying National Guidelines for Higher Education Approval Processes.

Read more about the outcomes of the AUQA higher education audit...

Breaking news at the higher education information session

On Thursday 24 February attendees at the VRQA higher education session heard breaking news from the interim CEO of TEQSA Ian Hawke.

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Contractors’ seminar 9 March

The VRQA contractors’ seminar was held on Wednesday 9 March, where the Financial management for RTOs publication was launched.

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Non-school senior secondary re-registration

A briefing was held on Monday 21 February 2011 by the VRQA for the 16 non-school senior secondary providers whose registration is due to expire at the end of 2011.

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How to become AVETMISS compliant

The National Centre of Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has updated their website with more information about how to become AVETMISS compliant.

Read more about how to become AVETMISS compliant...

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