Assessing your application

It takes up to 28 days for us to assess a complete application. During this time, the law says children aged 6–17 years must remain enrolled in school.

If your child is unable to attend school due to illness, stress, bullying, or other difficulties, they can be excused by the school principal, but must remain enrolled until your application is decided. In this situation, please speak to your child's principal. With your consent, the principal is welcome to contact the VRQA if they have any questions.

If you are a family arriving from interstate, you will have to enrol your child in a registered school for 28 days while your application is assessed.

Anyone who sends us an incomplete application will be asked to provide more information. The 28-day assessment period starts when we receive a complete application.

When assessing your application, we consider all the relevant rights of the child. This is done in accordance with Victoria's Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.

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