COVID-19: Home schooling FAQs

FAQ for parents considering home schooling registration

What is 'learning from home'?

Learning from home is the term used for students who are enrolled in a school but learning at home environment due to COVID-19 restrictions. The school provides curriculum and teacher support and parents supervise learning.

What is 'home schooling'?

Home schooling is the term used when students cease their school enrolment and register for home schooling. Parents pursuing this option must register their child with the VRQA. The parent is responsible for developing and implementing their child's learning plan to address eight learning areas – the VRQA does not provide a curriculum or teacher support.

What support should my child's school provide while they are learning from home?

It's best to talk with your child's school about the support they are currently offering. If your child is enrolled in a government school, more information can be found on the Department of Education and Training's website:

The 'learning from home' option isn't working for my child. Should I change to home schooling?

Adjusting to learning from home may take some time. If your child is struggling or if you need more ideas or support, talk with your school before cancelling your child's enrolment. The school may be able to offer additional support or guidance.

I am considering home schooling my child. What does this entail?

Home schooling is an alternative to school enrolment. If you register your child for home schooling, you will be assuming all responsibility for your child's education. You will be required to develop a learning plan that covers the eight learning areas which you'll submit with your application for registration. You will also be responsible for ensuring instruction is delivered. The VRQA does not provide curriculum material or teacher support for home schooling families.

For more information, see:

How do I register my child for home schooling?

To register your child for home schooling, you must provide a complete application that includes:

  • an application form
  • evidence of parental responsibility
  • evidence of your child's name and date of birth
  • a learning plan.

A learning plan demonstrates the subject matter that will be covered in the initial period of registration. This subject matter must address the eight key learning areas. For more information, see:

What age does my child have to be to be registered for home schooling?

Registration is open for children of compulsory school age which is 6–17 years. If your child is five turning six this year, you can register, however is not compulsory until your child's sixth birthday. 

My child is currently completing the VCE, VCAL and/or VET units. If I decide to home school my child, can they complete these units?

No, students cannot complete VCE or VET units while registered for home schooling. If your child wishes to pursue their VCE or VCAL, contact your school to discuss their options.

If I choose to home school my child, will I have access to school resources and support?

No. Students registered for home schooling do not have access to the same resources and support as school students. Parents are responsible for developing their child's learning plan, providing resources and delivering instruction. If your child requires the supports offered in school, contact your school to discuss.

Is it possible to home school my child while schools are closed and re-enrol when school re-open?

Yes, this is possible. However, home schooling registration requires your child's school enrolment to cease. Re-enrolment in a school will depend on a number of factors including class size. You should discuss with your school before applying for home schooling registration.

If I choose to cancel my child's school enrolment and register them for home schooling, will I be reimbursed for any school fees that I have paid in advance?

Contact your school to discuss the possibility of reimbursement.

 If I choose to cancel my child's school enrolment and register them for home schooling, will a place at the school be available if I choose to re-enrol them at a later date?

Contact your school to discuss the possibility of future re-enrolment. 

If I decide to register for home schooling, do I have to maintain the registration for a set period?

No, there is no set registration period. Once granted, a registration is in place until 31 December of that year. You can contact us at any time to cancel your child's registration if you choose to re-enrol them in a school. If you are considering returning to a school enrolment at some point, it's always a good idea to discuss this with your school principal before registering your child for home schooling.

FAQ for those already registered

COVID-19 has led to changes in my child’s learning plan. Do I have to notify the VRQA?

No. We understand many learning plans have changed as a result of shutdowns and social distancing. You are not required to submit an updated learning plan.

Some of our learning areas were completed through a partial enrolment. With schools now offering remote learning, how do I continue this partial enrolment?

Talk to the school about any supports they can offer for the learning areas previously covered through the partial enrolment. If the school is unable to support the learning areas, you may develop your own content. If you are unable to develop content, you may choose to cease your child’s instruction in this learning area. An exemption is not required.

Our home education previously involved visits to libraries, museums, art galleries and so on. With these venues being closed, is the VRQA providing additional resources to help families develop a program?

The VRQA does not produce learning resources. We have collated some online resources on our website. We also highlight some resources through our Facebook page. Registered families can also access Scootle, which offers thousands of educational resources developing in line with the Australian Curriculum. If you would like access to this database, please send a request via email providing your child’s name:

 FUSE is also available for all families. This site offers extensive resources linked to the Victorian Curriculum. To access fuse, see:

Students who are enrolled in a school but currently learning from home are being provided with computers and online resources. Are these available to home schoolers?

No, these supports are available only to students who are enrolled in a school.

Will home schooling reviews go ahead this year?

Yes, home schooling reviews will go ahead; however, they will be modified. In response to social distancing requirements, location visits cannot occur. All reviews will be conducted via phone or email submission. We will take a pragmatic approach to reviews that recognises the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to all our lives. For example, if your child previously undertook a sports or music lessons that cannot take place at the moment – and you plan to return to this arrangement – this will be taken into account. We’re recording a presentation on reviews which we will publish on the VRQA website in the first week of May.

Is the home schooling team still operating? Am I able to contact the team if I have questions or need information?

Yes, the home schooling team is still operating and like many workplaces, we are working remotely. You’re welcome to contact us at any time. Our contact details are: