Combining school and home education

It is possible to combine school and home education by enrolling your child at a registered school for specific learning opportunities. This is called partial enrolment.

You can partially enrol your child when you first register them for home education, or at any point after.

There is no option to partially register for home education. Registration is issued in full.

How to partially enrol your child in a registered school

You will need to make arrangements directly with the relevant school. Partial enrolment is at the discretion of the school principal, and the VRQA cannot intervene if a principal does not support your application.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) has developed partial enrolment guidelines, which are available on their website.

For more information, see:

You should indicate on your learning plan what will be covered at school and what you will be covering at home.

Once you have finalised your child's partial enrolment, you must provide us with written evidence from the school principal. DET’s partial enrolment guidelines have a template you can use as notice of intention to partially enroll your child.

Attach your written evidence to your application for home education, or send it to us separately at:

Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority
Home Schooling Officer
GPO Box 2317
Melbourne 3001