​We understand that each child has their own needs when it comes to learning.

If there is a reason for your child not to receive instruction in one or more of the eight learning areas, you can apply for an exemption.

Exemptions help you tailor your child's education to meet their needs.

When considering a request, we take into account what you tell us about your child. We will not ask you for medical or specialist certificates, it is your judgement that is important.

Before you apply for registration, you are welcome to discuss your child's educational needs with our home education team:


Phone: 03 9637 2806

Examples of exemptions

The reasons for applying for exemptions are not limited. Here are some examples of why you may request your child be exempted from particular learning areas:

  • temporary circumstances — for example, if a child has recently disengaged from a registered school and is experiencing psychological stress, the recovery may mean a gradual reengagement with learning

  • personal interests — for example, a parent may know that their child shows great progress when they focus on particular subject matter and associated learning activities

  • disability or special learning needs

  • for an older student— making extra time to explore special interest areas.

How to apply for an exemption

You can apply for an exemption when you first register your child, or at any time after.

Complete the relevant section of the home education application form, stating which learning area(s) you are seeking an exemption from and why. 

You will need to make sure your learning plan reflects the exemption(s) you are applying for.

If you are already registered for home education, you can contact us to discuss your child's educational needs. 

For more information, see: