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Tran​sitioning from school to home schooling

Victorian children who are home schooled must be registered with us.

Families wishing to home school their children should maintain their school enrolment until we've approved their home schooling application. We will issue a formal registration notice to successful applicants. Schools should request to see the registration notice before cancelling a student's enrolment.

We cannot provide a registration confirmation notice to schools directly.

We do not require any documents or permissions from schools. Parents are encouraged to speak with the school and to share their registration notice when it is issued by VRQA. School transfer notes are not required.

If you have any safety concerns about a home schooling application, you should refer the matter to the Department of Health and Human Services following the normal referral processes. We cannot report safety concerns on a school's behalf.

Partial enrolment for home schooled students

Students registered for home schooling can request a partial enrolment at a local school. Partial enrolments can be undertaken for specific subjects or activities such as sport, art, science or the NAPLAN test. 

The Department of Education's guidelines for partial enrolment for registered home schooled students provides information to help principals better understand the requirements and processes involved in establishing a partial enrolment arrangement.​

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Senior secondary and home schooling

Partial enrolment with a school is not an option for students wishing to undertake a senior secondary qualification such as the VCE, VCAL or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or any of their individual units of study.

Home schooling students wishing to undertake a senior secondary qualification must cancel their home schooling registration and enrol full-time in a school.  

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