Policies and processes

Home Schooling Policy​

The Home Schooling Policy outlines our role in regulating home schooling. It informs our operations and engagement with home schooling families and our relationships with other organisations, like registered schools, that may be able to help home schooling families. It also outlines what is required of parents who wish to register their child for home schooling.

For a copy of the policy, see:

Home schooling assessment framework and review process

The Home Schooling Assessment Framework and Review Process describes our approach to:

  • the assessment of learning plans submitted as part of applications for registration for home schooling
  • the assessment of applications to exempt a student from receiving instruction in one or more of the learning areas
  • annual reviews of the registration of students for home schooling.

For a copy of the process, see:

Home schooling internal review policy

The Home Schooling Internal Review Policy guides how decisions we make about the registration of children for home schooling in Victoria are reviewed.