Step 4: Submit

Before you submit

Before you submit your application, check that you have:

  • completed the application form
    Complete each area and ensure all applicants sign the declaration.
  • attached the necessary documentation and evidence
    Include your child's birth certificate, any court orders (if applicable), and documents that show your parental responsibility (if not demonstrated through the previous points).
  • included a learning plan for each child outlining how you will address each of the learning areas.

Send your application

It's best to email your application for registration for now. There's a chance there will be a delay receiving postal applications under current circumstances.

We'll contact you when we receive your application to confirm receipt.

Attach to a single email:

  • your application form as a single .pdf file
  • other evidence documents as photo or .pdf files.
  • your learning plan as a single .pdf file

Send the email to: