Home schooling activity in 2019

Here’s a summary of the home schooling registration applications we received and our review activity from 1 January to 31 December 2019.

New registrations

1882 submitted, 1788 approved, 24 refused
In 2019, we registered nearly 1800 children for home schooling, which was 34 per cent more than in 2018.

The total number of active registrations increased by six per cent over the 12 month period.

In total, we refused one per cent of applications. Refusals typically occur when the application is incomplete and the parent does not respond to our requests for more information.

10 days to notify if approved, 1 in 5 incomplete, 12 days to notify if incomplete
On average, we notified a parent that their child was registered 10 days after receiving their complete application. We took longer this year, partly due to the increased volume of applications.

Incomplete applications miss supporting documents or lack enough detail to demonstrate they meet the requirements.

In 2019, fewer incomplete applications were submitted than in 2018 when one in four applications was incomplete. This highlights the value of the assistance we received from the home schooling community in revising our guidance on applications.

On average, we notified parents about issues with their application in 12 days.

262 learning area exemption applications, 174 granted, 88 pending or withdrawn
We received 262 applications for a learning area exemption. The most common learning area requested for exemption was languages. We did not refuse any exemption applications.


353 families selected for review, 186 completed. We conducted 36 per cent face-to-face, 15 per cent by desktop and 46 per cent by phone
At 31 December 2019, we had completed 186 reviews.

Those outstanding were either still being finalised, or the parent had cancelled their child’s registration.

Significantly more parents chose a phone review this year. All reviews found the requirements of registration were being met.

We publish quarterly registration activity reports, as well as annual statistics about Victoria’s home schooling sector. To access them, see: