Children assessment notice language updated

Children assessment notice language​New legislation means there has been a change in the terminology used when referring to a worker's requirement to have passed a children assessment notice.

On 1 February 2021 the Worker Screening Act 2020 replaced the Working With Children Act 2005.

Previously, under the 2005 Act, passing a children assessment notice meant you had passed what was commonly referred to as your 'working with children check'.

Now, under the 2020 Act, passing your children assessment notice means you have passed your 'working with children clearance'. In the new legislation, the word 'clearance' has replaced the word 'check'.

The terminology has changed but the category of worker requiring a 'clearance' remains the same.

Workers who have already passed a 'check' under the 2005 Act do not have to re-apply for a 'clearance' under the 2020 Act.

The VRQA will update our guidelines, policies and forms to reflect the change in terminology. For now, any reference in these documents to the 2005 Act can be taken to be referring to the 2020 Act.  

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