Exemption from curriculum framework standard during remote and flexible learning

‚ÄčThe Premier's announcement on 5 August 2021 means that schools returned to flexible and remote learning as part of the measures designed to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).  

In order to comply with the minimum standards for school registration, all registered schools must have a curriculum framework for Foundation to Year 10, that substantially addresses the eight learning areas.  

We are aware that flexible and remote learning may present challenges for schools in the delivery of the learning areas and complying with the minimum standards. If this is the case for your school, you may wish to seek an exemption from the curriculum minimum standard.  

Schools must continue to prioritise the learning areas of English and Mathematics and endeavour to include content from the other curriculum learning areas in their learning programs. 

If your school wishes to seek an exemption until advised by the Victorian Government that flexible and remote learning is no longer required, please complete this form as soon as possible:

Once complete, the form should be returned to us via email: