Advice from WorkSafe: Falls prevention

A guide to making your workplace safer

A construction worker is fixing a bandage on a fellow workers knee

The VRQA and WorkSafe cooperate to make sure apprentices and trainees receive appropriate supervision in risky learning environments. This means, where the VRQA finds an employer failing to appropriately supervise an apprentice or trainee, we can cancel their training contract approval and may also refer the matter to WorkSafe to investigate.

WorkSafe Victoria is the state’s workplace health and safety regulator. They produce resources to help employers identify workplace risks and create a safer working environment.

WorkSafe’s guide to falls prevention provides employers valuable information about understanding and managing the risk of falls in the workplace.

The guide includes information about:

  • what falls are and the injuries they can cause
  • employer and employee legal duties
  • compliance and enforcement
  • how to comply with the law.

To read the guide, see:

The VRQA monitors compliance against supervision standards to make sure apprentices and trainees receive suitable supervision while they learn. This may include making sure apprentices and trainees are appropriately supervised while at risk of a fall.

Where we find non-compliance with supervision requirements that could lead to an injury, we may refer the matter to WorkSafe.

For more information about your obligations as an employer, see: