Approval revoked: examples of employer non-compliance

Man ticks checklistEight employers had their approval to train apprentices taken away, or had conditions applied on their approval, in the 6 months to December 2021. The VRQA removed their approval because they failed to meet their obligations to their apprentices.

This means 23 apprentices have had their career disrupted because their employer did not meet the conditions of their training contracts.

The most common reasons we removed approval from employers was their failure to provide their apprentices with appropriate:

  • scope of work
  • progression of training
  • supervision
  • release to attend structured training
  • pay and conditions.

Among the training contracts cancelled, the most common industries represented were carpentry, electrotechnology and telecommunications.

When employers take on an apprentice or trainee, they commit to supporting them to learn their trade. The VRQA makes sure this is done by conducting compliance checks. Where we find employers failing to meet their obligations, we have the power to cancel training contracts and remove an employer's approval to hire and train apprentices or trainees in future.

The VRQA provides guidance and support to help employers meet their obligations:

Apprentices who have been adversely impacted by these employers, can contact Apprenticeships Victoria to connect with an Apprenticeship Support Officer (ASO). An ASO will support apprentices to find alternative arrangements. Contact the ASO Hotline on: