Mitigating the risk of harm to Victorian apprentices and trainees

Mitigating the risk of harm to Victorian apprentices and traineesThe Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) is the regulator of apprentices and traineeships in Victoria, under the Education and Training reform Act 2006 (ETR Act).

As an employer of an apprentice or trainee, your responsibilities to them include:

  • making sure they receive the correct training and are enrolled with a registered training organisation (RTO)
  • allowing them to leave work to attend off-the-job training
  • providing them with appropriate facilities and experienced people to work with.

To employ apprentices or trainees in under a training contract Victoria, you must have the approval of the VRQA.

Over the last few years industry standards, technology, and a range of legislative requirements have changed. There are also different regulators with shared responsibility for a range of apprentice and trainee conditions in Victoria.  

To ensure that employers have a contemporary understanding of their obligations, the VRQA is writing to employers who have not employed an apprentice or trainee for several years. 

We are seeking information that will assist the VRQA to consider whether to exercise its power under the ETR Act to revoke the approvals of those employers.

The VRQA is committed to mitigating the risk of harm to Victorian apprentices and trainees.