Home schooling: Changes to 2022 reviews

Every year the VRQA reviews around 10% of home schooling registrations to make sure they comply with the minimum standards. The review cycle for 2022 will begin in September. Families are randomly selected for review and will be notified by email or post.

If you are selected, you can now choose to conduct your review via video conference. This is the first year the VRQA has offered reviews in this way. Video conferencing will allow families to show us supporting materials in real time, helping reduce the need to scan and send materials via email. Our goal is to make reviews more efficient and notify you of your review outcome sooner. The VRQA will not record any of the video conferences we conduct with a family as part of their review.

Your choice of review:

If you are selected for a review, you will have a choice between 3 options:

  • video conference
  • phone 
  • desktop (email).

Reflecting our adoption of video conferencing, and the public health context, the VRQA no longer offers face-to-face reviews except under exceptional circumstances.

If you are selected for review, we'll provide more information about how to demonstrate you're meeting the requirements of registration. For more information, see:

If you have any questions about the requirements of registration, please contact our team: