Compliance and enforcement framework for apprenticeships and traineeships

The VRQA compliance and enforcement framework for regulating apprenticeships and traineeships seeks to eliminate harm, or the risk of harm, to apprentices and trainees.

The framework puts minimising the harms identified in the November 2022 Ministerial Statement of Expectations (SOE) for VRQA at the centre of our compliance model.

Harms identified in the SOE and our understanding of the sector include:

  • injury or death
  • poor quality workplace experiences
  • exploitation and mistreatment
  • insufficient learning opportunities and progress.

The framework outlines our strategy for regulating apprenticeships and traineeships to influence maximum engagement and voluntary compliance from employers.

Our initial approach is education and support for employers to achieve compliance. However, where necessary, we will use our regulatory powers and tools, including cancelling an employer's approval to employ apprentices and trainees.

Ultimately the framework aims to protect the safety of apprentices and trainees.

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