Introducing the new VRQA website

The new VRQA website interface with a banner that reads 'home education' and shows a woman and child at a computer.This December, VRQA will begin the transition of our website to a new platform.

We are moving to the Victorian Government’s Single Digital Presence (SDP) platform to better meet digital communication standards. The new website has features and functionality that will help navigating and understanding our regulatory information easier.

We won’t be changing everything at once. Our new website will be built progressively in sections, starting with our home education and corporate information.

The sections of our website that have information for schools, apprenticeships and vocational education will move gradually to the new platform in the first half of 2024.

The Child Safe Standards for educations providers website is already on the SDP platform and will remain there.

As a user of our current website, you won’t need to do anything differently. The website address won’t change. Redirects and clear guidance will ensure you can still access the information you need during the transition to the new website.

If you do experience any problems locating our regulatory information, or have feedback on the new website, you can email us at: