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A message from the Minister for Education

Welcome to Education @ Home. This newsletter provides important information about changes to home schooling, as well as access to resources to help you prepare for the new home schooling regulations.

The new regulations are about the Government’s commitment to Victoria as the Education State. This is about improving outcomes for every student in every community. In our state, more than 5000 children are home schooled and the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) will ensure that the regulation of home schooling respects your right to home school and to design an educational program that meets your child’s needs.

The new home schooling regulations come into effect on 1 January. The VRQA will be working with the Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee and home schooling families to provide support through the revised application and the new review processes.

Education @ Home will be a key channel for the VRQA to communicate important information to you about the changes and provide you with access to resources and guidance material. I hope you enjoy Education @ Home.