Amending school registration

​​What you need to know

Independent schools can apply to us to amend the details of their registration.

Government and Catholic schools wanting to amend their registration should contact their relevant office:

A school's registration can be amended to:

  • include an additional campus
  • include an additional year level
  • relocate a school or a campus
  • include an additional senior secondary qualification.

The process is different if you want to:

  • amalgamate 2 or more registered schools – in this case you must apply as a new school
  • change religious or other affiliation
  • amend your registration to offer education courses to international students
  • apply for multiple registrations as a registered training organisation (RTO) and, or to deliver courses to full fee-paying international students (in addition to school registration). 

To do any of the above, see: 

Dates and timelines ​

For dates relating to the application process, see:

​Pre-amendment information sessions

We run information sessions each year before applications close. Anyone planning to apply is invited to attend. Details are listed on our events page, or you can email us for information.

For more information, see:

If you can't make it to a session, please contact us at​.

Application form

Please make sure your application is clear and well-organised. Incomplete or poor-quality applications will be returned.

To complete some sections, you will need to fill in additional forms. These forms are available in the application form or to download these separately, see:

Evidence checklists


Application fee

A non-refundable fee applies to all applications. You can pay the fee online by credit card (Mastercard or Visa), BPAY or by Post Billpay.

To view the current fee or pay online, see:

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Submitting your application

Collate your evidence into a portfolio. Include the completed application form, evidence checklist and portfolio and submit an electronic copy of your application to the VRQA Schools inbox as a zip file at:

We will acknowledge your complete application and email you an invoice for the application fee.

Assessing your application

During the assessment stage, we may send you written feedback, or request that you meet with us to discuss your application.

You will have one further opportunity to submit additional documentation to support your application. This does not include the items on the evidence checklist that may be submitted at a later date.

You must inform us of any changes to your application within 14 days, including changes to your supporting documentation.

Outco​me of application

We will contact you when a decision on your application has been made. If registration is granted, a certificate of registration will be issued and the details of your school recorded on the State Register.

In the case of an approval for an amendment to your existing school registration, an updated registration certificate will be issued.

If registration is refused, you will be notified and provided with the reasons for our decision. We will not grant registration unless satisfied that your school complies with the prescribed minimum standards and other requirements.

All registered schools are reviewed periodically. This happens no more than 5 years after the school's initial registration or previous review.

For more information, see: 


A person whose interests are affected by a decision not to grant registration can apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to review the decision. The application to VCAT must be made within 28 days of:

  • the day on which the VRQA makes a decision; or
  • the day on which a statement of reasons is provided (if requested); or
  • the day on which the VRQA informs the applicant that a statement of reasons will not be given (if requested).