School reviews and reporting


In Victoria, schools are reviewed to make sure they are meeting the minimum standards and other requirements for registration.

Schools are either reviewed periodically as part of a review program, or under a specific review if:

  • there are matters concerning the safety of a student which require urgent action to be taken by the school or;
  • exceptional circumstance exist at the school which justify a specific review of the of the school's operations.
For more information about reviews, see:

We can only review schools against the minimum standards for registration. For information about the minimum standards, see:


Schools report to us when certain details change such as their principal, address or governing body membership. Reporting requirements differ from sector to sector.

Independent schools report these details directly to us, providing any necessary supporting documentation.

The Department of Education and Training and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria manage the reporting requirements for change of school details on behalf of their respective schools. 

All schools must provide their annual report to be published on the State Register. For more infomation, see: