Regulating apprenticeships and traineeships

​​​There are more than 74,000 apprentices and trainees in Victoria, across a broad range of industries. We want to make sure they all receive quality training that leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

Victoria's 35,000 employers of apprentices and trainees need protecting too. That is why every apprenticeship or traineeship starts with the signing of a training contract.

A National Code of Good Practice is in place to make sure apprentices, trainees and their employers understand their obligations and expectations under a training contract.

In Victoria, the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 also contains legislative requirements for apprenticeships and traineeships.

Approve and assist

Employers must be approved by the VRQA before they take on an apprentice or trainee.

We also regulate training contracts, which can only be cancelled, suspended or amended by mutual consent or with our approval. When disputes arise about a contract, our job is to help resolve them.

Generally, the Australian Government's Australian Apprenticeship Support Network is the first point of contact for most apprentices, trainees and employers.

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Approved training schemes

The VRQA approves the package of qualifications that makes up an apprenticeship and traineeship for a specific industry. This is known as an approved training scheme.

We are also responsible for setting the probationary periods for each scheme, as well as credit arrangements and minimum hours of employment and training per week.

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Employment conditions

Apprentices and trainees are entitled to the same pay and conditions as any other employee. The Fair Work Ombudsman regulates employment conditions, including wages, benefits, allowances and subsidies.

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We do not administer funding programs. The Victorian Department of Education and Commonwealth Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business can guide you on the different funding arrangements available in Victoria.

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