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Meet the home schooling team

​Our team members have a diversity of learning and educational backgrounds. They also love to travel! 

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Practical financial governance skills for schools

​Attend our free presentation and learn about the factors influencing the financial viability and sustainability of independent schools.

MOU with Catholic Education Commission of Victoria

​This agreement sets out arrangements with CECV as a school review body.

New Guidelines for Student Exchange Programs

The new guidelines clearly explain the minimum standards for the operation of a student exchange program in Victoria.

Updated independent school review readiness tool

​Use this tool to assess your school’s compliance with the minimum standards

More accreditation advisers available

​We have approved and inducted new accreditation advisers to help with VET course development and accreditation.

VAGO report on child safe standards

​We welcome this opportunity to reflect on the implementation of child safe standards in schools.

School Compliance Framework released

​The framework explains our approach to monitoring school compliance through school reviews.

Memorandum of understanding with Victorian Skills Commissioner

​We will work together to improve Victoria’s training system.

Watch: review information session

​Everything you need to know about what’s involved in a review of your child’s home schooling registration.

New approved student exchange organisations

We have approved three additional student exchange organisations to provide secondary student exchange programs in Victoria.

What happens after your home schooling review?

​What’s next, and how soon will you know the outcome?

Home schooling and funded VET courses

How to enrol your child in a government-subsidised vocational course.

Apply now for trade papers

​Completed an apprenticeship? You can now apply for a certificate to recognise your achievement.

Our new engagement strategy

​This strategy outlines our priorities for engaging with clients and stakeholders over the next two years.

Home schooling registrations and reviews in 2018

​A report on our home education registration and review activity in 2018 is now available.

Updated Guidelines for VET providers

​The VRQA's Guidelines for VET Providers has been updated to reflect the new implementation date for training and assessor credential requirements.

Linking home schooling families to support and services

​A range of resources for home educating families who have a child with additional needs.

New RTO registration and financial advice workshop

​Attend our workshop and find out how to become a registered training organisation (RTO) in Victoria.

Deadline extended for VET credential requirements

​Implementation date for new training and assessor credential requirements extended to 1 July 2019.

Short descriptions of VET courses

​In the coming months, VET course accreditation and re-accreditation applications will need to include a brief description of the course. 

Thanks for sharing – home schooling feedback

The 2018 research report details your feedback about our activity in regulating home schooling in Victoria.

Privacy in the post

​Why our home schooling letters are impersonal.

New support for home schooling applicants

New learning templates are available to help you document how you’ll address the learning areas within your child’s educational program.

2019 home schooling review notifications

​Check your letterbox: home schooling review notifications will be sent shortly.

Thanks for sharing – client and stakeholder research report

The 2018 research report details your feedback about our activity in each sector we regulate.

VAFS workplace visits in 2018

​Between September and December, the Victorian Apprenticeship Field Services conducted more than 300 workplace inspections.

Guidelines to the Minimum Standards – understanding not-for-profit

When the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 commenced, the not-for-profit requirements were significantly strengthened. Here’s what you need to know.

Guidelines to the Minimum Standards – enrolment policy requirements

​Evidence requirements for the enrolment policy standard expanded to specify what a school's enrolment policy should include.

Guidelines to the Minimum Standards – understanding governance

Updated Guidelines taking effect on 1 July 2019 for all Victorian registered schools. Here's what you need to know about the changes to the Governance standard.

Navigating changes to school evidence requirements

​Our factsheet will help schools navigate the changes in the updated Guidelines to the Minimum Standards for Victorian registered schools. 

Important changes for schools: updated minimum standards guidelines

We’ve updated the Guidelines to reduce the burden of compliance and reflect contemporary practices in schools.

Homestay and school employees

New information for schools about student homestay accommodation arrangements.

Reminder: VET activity reporting due

RTOs must submit their annual VET activity report in early 2019.

2019 fees and charges

From 1 January 2019, our fees and charges will increase to reflect rises in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

International Baccalaureate: re-registration

The IB re-registration as a senior secondary awarding body in Victoria.

VET sector review

An independent review of the VET sector has been launched to better prepare Australians for the workforce.

Application deadlines – apply anytime

Applications to register a child for home schooling in 2019 can be submitted at any time.

Home schooling, the VCE and VCAL

How to transition from home schooling to a senior secondary qualification.

Watch: registration information session

Everything you need to know about registering for home schooling in Victoria.

Compliance requirements for schools enrolling overseas students

Victorian CRICOS registered schools are required to demonstrate compliance with revised standards for enrolling overseas students.

Our Strategic Plan

The VRQA 2018–20 Strategic Plan outlines our goals, priorities and actions for the next 2 years.

VRQA Board sees first-hand Indigenous students’ transition school

The VRQA Board members were privileged to visit staff and students at the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School.

Expulsions reform in Victorian government schools

A new Ministerial Order sets out the suspension and expulsion processes for government schools and highlights the importance of procedural fairness when making decision that affect the lives of young people.

Your students and home schooling

Here’s what you need to know when students transition from school enrolment to home schooling.

Have your contact details changed?

It’s important to update us of any changes to your address, phone number and home schooling details. Here’s how to keep us in the loop.

Child safe focussed governance

Protecting children from abuse is everybody’s business, and a school’s governing authority is essential to instilling a child safe culture

Our new regulatory field services provider

We’re pleased to announce the Victorian Apprenticeship Field Services as our new apprenticeship field services provider.

Choosing TAFE after home schooling

TAFE is a popular choice for young people after home education.

Home education snapshots: April to June

We’ve put together snapshots of our activity over the last three months, including the start of our 2018 review program.

Half-price car rego for apprentices

Have you checked if you’re eligible for a car rego discount?

Group training organisations

Group training organisations (GTOs) arrange for apprentices and trainees to do their day-to-day work at host employers. Find out how to be recognised as a GTO in Victoria.

Pathways beyond home schooling

A range of resources for home educating families who are nearing the end of their compulsory schooling phase.

Who’s who in the VET sector

Find out who does what in Australia’s vocational educational and training sector.

Have feedback about training.gov.au?

Over the coming weeks, training.gov.au is undertaking a targeted review.

VET reporting reminder and updated provider guidelines

Sharing with you a timely reminder of RTO reporting obligations, as well as updated VET guidelines.

Reviews and you: information session recording available

Missed our review information session? Catch up with our video recording.

Guideline changes for international student enrolment

New guidelines for schools with international students commence on 1 July. Our resources will help you understand the changes.

Welcoming new VRQA Board members

The VRQA is pleased to welcome Maria Peters and Dr Jim Watterston to its Board.

1 July: new requirements for schools

With the transition period coming to an end, all schools are required to meet the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017.

Learning area inspiration

To help home educating families explore the learning areas and build on their child’s educational program, we’re extending our resource library.

Home education: the year so far

The VRQA has been busy, and so have you! We’re paying close attention to how we’re tracking following the January 2018 regulatory changes.

Apprenticeships and traineeships: resolving disputes

Most apprenticeships proceed smoothly but occasionally disputes between apprentices and employers arise.

Changes for new group training organisations

Amendments to the GTO Policy and Procedures provide clarity and consistency.

New guidelines for schools enrolling international students

With the ESOS National Code of Practice 2018 now in place, we have released new Guidelines for the Enrolment of Overseas Students Aged Under 18.

The top choice as a study destination

Victoria's rising trend in international student enrolment.

The dos and don’ts of applications

Handy tips to help you prepare your registration for home education application form and learning plan.

Mandatory VET activity reporting

A reminder to RTOs to submit your total VET activity.

Preparing for review

If you’ve been selected for a home schooling review, our short video will help you prepare.

Launch into your next steps

Three events to put in your calendar, for students approaching the end of their schooling.

Meet the team

Get to know the crew who answer your phone calls, reply to your emails, assess your learning plans and conduct reviews.

Does your child need an exemption?

Exemptions are available when it is unreasonable for a child to receive instruction in one or more learning areas. However, if your child is receiving some instruction in a learning area, you do not need an exemption.

National hairdressing apprenticeship initiative, follow-up campaign

Did your business participate in the National Hairdressing Apprenticeship Initiative? The Fair Work Ombudsman may soon be contacting you for a follow-up audit.

Wanted: your feedback on evidence guides

We are calling on the education community to help us review the evidence guides that form part of the review, registration and re-registration process.

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Taskforce Report

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Taskforce Report is now available.

Strengthening consultation with the Victorian Skills Commissioner

The VRQA has formalised its existing arrangement with the Victorian Skills Commissioner with a memorandum of understanding.

SBAT-focussed Apprenticeships and Traineeships Stakeholder Forum

Key industry stakeholders joined the VRQA at the Apprenticeships and Traineeships Stakeholder Forum.

Commonwealth disruption affecting apprenticeship and traineeship registration

Disruption delaying the registration of 300-400 training contracts in Victoria that were lodged in mid-February.

Clean up and learn

Participating in events like Clean Up Australia Day present great opportunities for you to link to your child’s learning and capture evidence of your child’s learning outcomes.