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Continue or cancel home schooling registration for 2021

​Parents will soon receive an email or letter for each child who is registered.

Consultation on proposed group training organisation policy

​We’re seeking your feedback on our revised GTO policy and procedure.

COVID-19’s impact on Victoria’s children and young people

​A picture of growing uncertainty and isolation revealed.

RTO and non-school provider fee relief now available

​Fees waived in response to the economic impact caused by COIVD-19.

Webinar recording: School financial viability – business in the face of COVID-19

​How schools can weather the storm and build a roadmap through the economic downturn.

Webinars for school leaders: information sharing and family violence reforms in 2021

​Schools will join the new framework and schemes in the first half of 2021.

Updated unit required for infection control skill sets

​Amend your RTO scope to continue delivering transport and logistics, retail and food handling infection control skill sets.

Webinar recording: Financial management for non-government schools

​The webinar covered practical skills for principals, business managers and school board/governing authority members.

Stage 4 restrictions: apprenticeships and traineeships

​Guidance for employers of apprentices and trainees.

Our 2020 client and stakeholder research is underway

​We’re contacting clients to understand their experiences.

School attendance monitoring: amended regulations

​The regulations have been amended until 31 December 2020.

Home schooling activity in 2019

​Statistics on the applications we received and reviews we conducted last year.

COVID-19: Updated FAQs for RTOs

​Information about Stage 3 and Stage 4 restrictions.

Remote learning arrangements for international school students

​Ministerial Direction ensures CRICOS schools can support their international students.

Changes for RTOs seeking re-registration

We have introduced interim processes in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

​The VRQA Board welcomes three new members

Welcome to Anthony Nippard, Fran Reddan and Judy Rose PSM.

Virtual workplace visits have commenced

​Victorian Apprenticeship Field Services authorised officers are contacting some employers to arrange phone and video calls.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Revised VCE and VCAL dates

​Revised assessment schedule and administrative dates for senior secondary courses.

Updated Guidelines for schools in 2021

The Guidelines explain the evidence required when using school money or property for an early learning centre.

COVID-19: Answers to common RTO questions

​Our FAQs will help you understand options for delivering training during the pandemic.

Report on non-school senior secondary provider registration

​Our report found 19 ways to improve non-school senior secondary education.

Independent school briefings: Financial governance and government funding

​Practical governance skills and Education State funding and supports.

Video presentations to help you through your home schooling review

Home schooling reviews look a little different this year, here’s how to prepare

COVID-19: DET advice for NSSSPs regarding workplace learning

​Prevent or reduce the spread of COVID-19 caused by structured workplace learning or work experience.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and home schooling reviews

​We understand the pandemic has impacted learning activities.

Child Safe Standards and online learning

​Keeping children safe online.

COVID-19: International and exchange student travel

​We’re working with the international education sector to make sure school students are not stranded.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Remote learning vs home schooling

Understanding the differences and deciding what's right for you.

Home schooling reviews: Understanding the requirements of registration

How the requirements relate to the review process

COVID-19: Apprentice, trainee and employer support

Programs and resources for the apprenticeship and traineeship sector during the pandemic.

Minister’s direction for monitoring school attendance

​The Minister for Education has afforded schools some flexibility in monitoring school attendance.

Recording: Independent School Registration Briefing

​This session explained important information for registering a new independent school.

COVID-19: Guidance for RTOs

Let us know of the changes you are making to your delivery practices.

We’re open for business

It’s business as (almost) usual at the VRQA.

COVID-19: Independent school registration process

​An additional step to submit your application.

COVID-19: Disruptions and RTO obligations

​We’re committed to supporting VRQA-registered RTOs through this period of uncertainty. 

Email applications recommended

​So we can assess your home schooling application as fast as possible, submit it by email.

COVID-19: School self-exclusion and home schooling

​Children staying home may not need to be registered.

How to address maths at home

​Everyday approaches to numeracy skills.

Child Safety in Victorian Schools: a national approach

​Transition to the national principles for child safe organisations in 2020.

How we’re doing – client and stakeholder research report

With your feedback, we have found opportunities to improve our services.

Changed rules for schools with early learning centres

​Changes allow some school money to be used for centres that feed school enrolments.

Home educators: you spoke, we listened

More than 400 home educators told us how we’re doing and helped us find opportunities to improve our services.

Epsilon has arrived

Epsilon has replaced DELTA as Victoria’s apprenticeship and traineeship register.

New re-approval process for enrolling international students

New process for schools and non-school senior secondary providers enrolling international students.

Providing evidence with your application

​When you apply for home schooling registration, don't forget to include these important documents. 

Summer learning opportunities

​Check out what’s planned around Victoria in the next few months.

RTOs must be copyright compliant

Ensure you have the relevant permissions in place when using teaching materials.

Update your details when things change

​If your child is registered for home schooling, keep us up-to-date. 

2020 fees and charges

​From 1 January 2020, our fees and charges will increase to reflect rises in the Consumer Price Index. 

Child safe culture research published

​Insights gained from schools with child-safe cultures.

Our apologies

​Some families have been sent an incorrect email notice about their child’s home schooling registration.

What does the Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee do?

The VHEAC provides guidance, information and feedback on home schooling regulation.  

Learning through cultural and religious events

​You can address the learning areas by exploring cultural events. It can also be a lot of fun!

Email newsletter for home schooling parents

​If you provided us with your email address when you registered your child, you’ll receive our email newsletter.

New guides for school principals

​An easy-to-understand overview of what is expected and how we can help.

Virtual School Victoria fee exemptions

​VSV (formerly Distance Education Victoria) no longer charges fees for direct Year 10 or VCE enrolments.

Student identification for home educated children

​Your child’s registration notice is their primary evidence they are home schooled.

How to cancel your child’s home schooling registration

​If you’re starting a new chapter, tell us as soon as possible.

MOU with WorkSafe Victoria

​Outlines our common understanding and information sharing arrangements.

Exchange students must declare every citizenship

​Update your application forms to ask students about all citizenships they hold.

MOU with the Victorian Institute of Teaching

​Our collaboration, information sharing and mutual assistance is outlined in this agreement.

Options for help with writing a learning plan

​If putting put pen to paper is difficult, these options could help.

Home schooling activity in 2019 (so far)

​Here’s an overview of our registration and review activity in the first half of the year.

Student assistance for undelivered courses

​Practical help available when an education provider closes.

Our annual client and stakeholder research is underway

​Participating gives you the opportunity to help shape and improve our services.

How to tell us your home schooling plans for 2020

We’ve sent an email or letter to the parent of each registered child. 

Language learning at home

​Here are some practical ideas to help get you started.

Leave photos of your child out

​To protect your family’s privacy, don’t add photos of your child to your learning plan or review material.

Home education activities in the school holidays

​Make the most of what’s on offer in your area!

Statistics about education in Victoria

​​New data on home schooling, international students in schools, and school registrations.

The dos and don’ts of applications and learning plans

Follow these tips to get them right the first time.

What is GTO recognition?

The group training organisations we recognise are compliant with the National Standards.

Get ready: We’re going to ask if you’re continuing home schooling

​Soon, we will contact you about your intentions for 2020.

MOU with the Labour Hire Authority

Our information sharing arrangements and procedures are set out in this agreement.

Meet the home schooling team

​Our team members have a diversity of learning and educational backgrounds. They also love to travel! 

Get home education news on Facebook

​Like us on Facebook to get updates and resources for your home schooling family.

MOU with Catholic Education Commission of Victoria

​This agreement sets out arrangements with CECV as a school review body.

New Guidelines for Student Exchange Programs

The new guidelines clearly explain the minimum standards for the operation of a student exchange program in Victoria.

Updated independent school review readiness tool

​Use this tool to assess your school’s compliance with the minimum standards.