What we do with your complaint

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Once we receive your complaint , we will:

  • register your complaint on our system
  • acknowledge your complaint and indicate which aspects of your complaint we're able to investigate
  • assess your complaint to determine whether or not an investigation is warranted
  • investigate your complaint if an investigation is warranted, which may include asking you or the school, school boarding premises, registered training organisation (RTO), education provider or student exchange organisation (SEO) for information
  • make a decision about what action, if any, your education and training provider should take as a result of our investigation
  • advise you, and the school, school boarding premises, RTO, education provider or SEO in writing of the outcome of your complaint.

For more information about this process, see: 

Resolving your complaint

If we identify that a VRQA-registered school, school boarding premises, RTO, education provider or SEO has breached the relevant registration standards, they will be required to take steps to ensure they comply with the standards in the future.

An investigation may also lead to a review or audit of the education and training provider outside the normal 5 year review cycle.

Other forms of resolution, such as ordering compensation for the person making the complaint, are not within our powers.

What to do if you are not satisfied with an outcome

Think we could have handled your complaint better? You can ask for an internal review of a decision by contacting:

Manager, Complaints Unit
VRQA, GPO Box 2317
Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: +61 3 9637 2806 and select option 5
Email: vrqa@education.vic.gov.au

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the internal review, contact:

The Victorian Ombudsman
Phone: +61 3 9613 6222 or 1800 806 314 (regional)
Email: ombudvic@ombudsman.vic.gov.au

If you are concerned about our handling of your personal information, contact:

Office of the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection
Phone: 1300 666 444
Email: enquiries@privacy.vic.gov.au