About apprenticeships and traineeships

Apprenticeships and traineeships combine on-the-job and formal training towards qualifications in a broad range of industries. More than 74,000 people are doing apprenticeships or traineeships in Victoria.

At the beginning of an apprenticeship, an employer and an apprentice/trainee enter into a training contract, which outlines each party's responsibilities. Contact an Australian Apprenticeship Network provider in your area for any information about an apprenticeship training contract. The employer has 14 days to contact an Apprenticeship Network Provider to initiate the signing and registration of the training contract after employing the apprentice/trainee.

Apprenticeship Network providers provide advice and support services tailored to the needs of employers and apprentices throughout the apprenticeship lifecycle – from pre-commencement to completion.

To contact an Apprenticeship Network provider, see: