Completing your apprenticeship or traineeship

​Your apprenticeship or traineeship is complete when:

  • you have achieved all the competencies in your training plan
  • your employer has confirmed with your TAFE, trade school or registered training organisation that you are competent in the workplace
  • your TAFE, trade school or registered training organisation has entered the information received from your employer into the apprenticeship database.

Recognising a completed apprenticeship

If you are an apprentice, we'll send you and your employer written confirmation when your apprenticeship is complete. Keep this letter as your formal evidence of completion.

You can also apply for a free​ trade paper, which is a certificate issued by the Victorian Government to commemorate completing your apprenticeship. For more information, see:

If you fully or partly completed an apprenticeship that you started before 1995, we can provide you with a replacement certificate. For more information, see:

To be fully qualified in some trades, you need to be registered. If you’ve completed an apprenticeship as an electrician or electrical mechanic, see:

If you’ve completed an apprenticeship in building or plumbing, see:

Recognising a completed traineeship

If you are a trainee, your TAFE or registered training organisation will send you confirmation when your traineeship is complete.

Your TAFE or training organisation will provide a certificate that shows the qualification you've achieved.