Workplace visits by authorised officers

​​The VRQA regulates apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria. As an employer of apprentices or trainees, you might hear from our authorised officers.

We make routine visits to workplaces. It’s the authorised officer's job to make sure both parties to a training contract are meeting their obligations. 

Authorised officers also check-in via phone with apprentices and trainees to make sure they have what they need to complete their apprenticeships and traineeships.

Authorised officers have powers under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, allowing them to:

  • enter a workplace
  • make enquiries
  • inspect and copy documents.

What to expect from a visit

An authorised officer might contact you to schedule a routine visit, or phone interview as part of a regulatory campaign focusing on your industry. They could also make a time to discuss a contract matter that has been raised by you or your apprentice or trainee.

When conducting an onsite visit authorised officers will identify themselves with an ID card. They will spend time talking with apprentices or trainees, and can also provide you with general assistance if you have any problems to discuss.

To prepare for your visit, have a copy of your training plan ready and make sure it is up-to-date. This will help the authorised officer determine if progress is being made in the apprenticeship or traineeship. You may need to contact your registered training organisation to do this.

In most workplaces, everyone is meeting their obligations under the training contract. Any instances of non-compliance are reported back to us, for a decision on the best course of action.

Compliance check

Want a quick compliance check? Our employer checklist helps you check that you’re meeting all the regulatory requirements for employing apprentices and trainees. To access our checklist, see: