Becoming an approved student exchange organisation

What you need to know

In Victoria, schools and not-for-profit organisations must be a VRQA-approved student exchange organisation (SEO) before they can provide secondary student exchange programs.  

VRQA-approved SEOs can offer student exchange programs for a minimum of four weeks and up to one year.

Becoming an SEO

Schools and organisations must meet our Guidelines and demonstrate that they have the capacity to provide:

  • an in-bound exchange program for overseas exchange students; and
  • in partnership with an overseas school or organisation, an out-bound exchange program for Victorian students.

SEOs are required to maintain a balance of in-bound and out-bound students, so that student numbers remain approximately equal over a two-year period.

To be considered for SEO approval, you will need to complete an application form. Please contact us if you have any questions.

To download the combined guidelines, conditions and application form, see: