Addressing non-compliance

If a registered training organisation (RTO) breaches the relevant standards, conditions or guidelines for continued registration at any time during its registration period, we will advise the RTO of its non-compliance and it must rectify all issues.

If the RTO does not address the issues within an appropriate timeframe, the VRQA may cancel or suspend its registration. We will consult with the RTO about any action taken.

For the guidelines, conditions and standards for continued registration, see:

Enforceable undertakings

An enforceable undertaking is a written agreement between an RTO and us, regulated by the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.

We typically use enforceable undertakings in circumstances where:

  • an RTO has committed significant contraventions of the Act but is prepared to admit and rectify those contraventions
  • we seek outcomes that may not necessarily be available through other sanctions open to us including through cancellation of registration
  • the RTO is willing to remedy the contravention to our satisfaction.

To read our enforceable undertaking policy, see: