Course development

What you need to know

Once we have approved your course concept proposal, it is time to start developing your course.

The AQTF Users' Guide to the Standards for Accredited Courses will assist during the process.

You will need to document the course content, expected skills and knowledge outcomes, as well as the training and assessment structures.

You can cover the content of the proposed course using existing units of competency from endorsed training packages or you can develop new ones.

You must also establish a steering committee to validate the course content and outcomes.

Developing new units of competency

New units of competency must be developed in close consultation with the relevant technical experts and appropriate industry practitioners.

You may wish to consult an accreditation adviser when designing new units and to assist with course development.

The course accreditation template sets out the components of a unit of competency, and provides advice on completing each unit.

We allocate codes for units of competency at the time of accreditation.

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Steering committee

You will need to establish a steering committee to sign off on your course before it is submitted for accreditation.

The majority of the steering committee must comprise relevant industry representatives. The chair must be an industry representative. The steering committee may include representatives from:

  • the relevant skills service organisations or industry advisory groups
  • employee or practitioner groups (individuals; association or union representatives)
  • employers
  • the relevant peak industry bodies or professional associations.

If the course features pathways from senior secondary programs, or pathways to higher education, the steering committee should also include representatives from the relevant education sector.

As well as providing advice during development, the committee is responsible for confirming that:

  • the course content and qualification structure meet the needs of industry, enterprise or community
  • the intended vocational outcomes are met
  • the AQF qualification of the course is appropriate to the industry need
  • the course meets all relevant occupational health and safety regulations and licensing requirements
  • any employability skills summaries are validated (see below).

Each member of the steering committee is required to sign a course contents endorsement form. These forms must be included as an appendix to the course accreditation submission.

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Foundation skills summary

As part of your course submission, you will need to summarise how the following skills will be included in your qualification or course:

  • reading
  • writing
  • oral communication
  • numeracy
  • learning
  • problem solving
  • initiative and enterprise
  • teamwork
  • planning and organising
  • technology. 

To download the summary template, see:

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