What you need to know

If you are enrolled in a course at a registered training organisation (RTO), you should expect to receive:

  • unit results (either printed or online) at regular times during your course — for example, at the end of each semester
  • a certificate when you complete your course
  • a statement of attainment if you leave your RTO before completing your course.

If you are having trouble getting any of these, the first thing to do is contact your RTO. There may be a reason contained the terms of your agreement.

If you think the agreed terms are not being met, you may have grounds to make a complaint.

How we can help

Although we cannot change a decision made by an RTO regarding assessment results, we can investigate whether the decision making process was correct.

Before making a complaint to us, check the national register to see where the RTO is registered. We can only help if the RTO is registered with the VRQA.

If the RTO is registered with either the Australian Skills Quality Authority or the Training Accreditation Council of Western Australia, you will need to contact them.

To search the national register, see: 

If you need to make a complaint about an RTO registered with the VRQA, see: