Reporting on quality indicators

What you need to know

Registered training organisations (RTOs) are required to collect and report data on three quality indicators:

  • competency completion
  • learner engagement
  • employer satisfaction.

The data helps RTOs continuously improve their services, and allows the national and state registering bodies to conduct informed risk assessments.

Data for the previous year must be submitted by 30 June, otherwise your RTO's risk rating and registration may be affected.

Quality indicator data is not released to any other party.

Competency completion

Competency completion data is collected as part of AVETMISS reporting.

For more information, see:

Learner engagement and employer satisfaction

Data on learner engagement and employer satisfaction is collected through two questionnaires. It is up to an RTO to send out the questionnaires, which can be paper or online.

The VET Quality Indicator Service (VETQIS) can also collect the data on an RTO's behalf. The service is run by the Australian Council for Educational Research.

RTOs not using VETQIS must submit their own report using the:

Completed reports can be emailed to