Submitting an application

Before getting started

We recommend you:

  1. Undertake a research phase.
  2. Know what you intend to deliver.
  3. Do your research. Is there demand? Is there a lot of competition in your area?
  4. Know what staff you will need.
  5. Understand the likely costs. How long will you be able to survive financially with only a few students or none? You are unlikely to be eligible for government funding in the first 12–14 months, without a history of audited company records.
  6. Know what premises, equipment and infrastructure you will need and what is available.
  7. Find a suitable lawyer and an accountant.
  8. Attend a pre-registration session and financial guidance workshop run by the VRQA.

Make sure you have checked the requirements for registration, determined your organisation's scope of registration and, if applicable, sought any additional approvals.

What you need to do

Please complete Form A and the self-assessment checklist:

We have prepared a guide to help you complete the form:

Send your application via email to:

We will acknowledge your completed application by emailing you an invoice for the application fee.

Application fee

A non-refundable fee applies to all applications. You can pay the fee online by credit card (Mastercard or Visa), BPAY or by Postbillpay.

To view the current fee or pay online, see:

Initial assessment

After the application fee has been paid, we will review your application to determine if your organisation meets the basic requirements to become a registered training organisation (RTO).

Your application will be assessed for accuracy and completeness. We may request additional information.

If your application is deemed eligible, we will email you an invoice for the applicable registration fees. 


After the registration fees have been paid, your organisation will be audited to make sure it meets the relevant requirements, and has capacity to deliver the training and assessment included in your application.

We recommend you familiarise yourself with the audit process, which has 2 phases. You will need to have everything in place before the second phase, including suitable premises, training and assessment materials, and qualified staff.

For more information, see:

Annual fee

If your organisation completes the audit process meeting relevant standards and guidelines, we will email you an invoice for the annual registration fee.

For more information, see:

Outcome of application

After the annual fee has been paid, your application will be submitted for recommendation.

If you are successful, we will allocate a training organisation identification (TOId) number and send you a certificate of registration for a period of up to 5 years, along with a copy of your scope of registration.

On approval, your organisation's name, scope of registration and contact details will be entered on the state and national training registers.

To view the registers, see:

If your application is unsuccessful, we will provide you with a written report outlining the reasons for the decision, and will refund the annual registration fee where applicable.

For a copy of our refund policy, see:


If you are not satisfied with the way your application has been handled, you can lodge a complaint.

For more information, see:

A person whose interests are affected by a decision not to grant registration can apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to review the decision. The application to VCAT must be made within 28 days of:

  • the day on which the VRQA makes a decision; or
  • the day on which a statement of reasons is provided (if requested);
  • The day on which the VRQA informs the applicant that a statement of reasons would not be given (if requested).