RTO cancellations for 2019

​​RTO cancellations 1/01/2019 to 31/12/2019

Provider No Business trading name Legal name Reason Name Position
​3665​Campaspe College of Adult EducationEchuca Community Education Group Inc.​voluntary cancellation​Karen Hagan​General Manager
​6488​Castlemaine and District Continuing Education Inc​Castlemaine and District Continuing Education Inc​voluntary cancellationAndrew Hewitt​Liquidator
​3543​Kollel Beis Yosef Inc​Kollel Beis Yosef Inc​voluntary cancellation​Harry Fogel​Principal Officer
21390​Northern Support Services for People with Disabilities Inc​Northern Support Services for People with Disabilities Inc​voluntary cancellation​Geoff Manton​CEO
22617​Sai Education Institute​DeSilva Health Care Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellation​Nina DeSilva​CEO
20654​Shepparton Access​Shepparton Access​voluntary cancellation​Wendy Shanks​CEO
​21210​Skill Training Victoria​Skill Training Victoria Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellation​Nathan Deppeler​Liquidator
​22257​Superior Skills & Training​Superior Food Safety Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellation​Nick Lang​CEO/PEO
​3572​The Australian Academy of Hairdressing​Fieldberg Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellation​Susan Huebner​Director
​21136​Training Institute of Australia​Klein Corporation Pty Ltd​voluntary cancellation​Amanda Klein ​Probate