Standing application for amendments to training packages


What you need to know

A standing application authorises the VRQA to amend a registered training organisation's (RTO's) scope of registration when a training package product is superseded by an equivalent product. In this case, a training package product is a qualification or unit within a training package.

The standing application only comes into effect if:

  • the training package product being changed is already on your RTO's scope
  • the relevant industry skills council has determined that the new training package product is equivalent to the existing product. This is indicated on the website.

To be eligible to lodge a standing application your RTO must:

  • be VRQA-registered
  • be in good standing (that is, registration must be current and all outstanding fees must have been paid)
  • ordinarily not be subject to any ongoing regulatory action, including:
    • conditions
    • a suspension
    • a pending cancellation or expiry of registration
    • a show cause notice
    • an enforceable undertaking.

There is no fee for submitting a standing application, or for changes made to your scope of registration under a standing application.

You can submit a standing application at any time, and it is valid until the end of your registration period. When your registration ends, you will need to submit a new standing application once your registration has been renewed.

Even if you successfully lodge a standing application, you are still responsible for monitoring and maintaining your scope of registration. This includes adding and removing non-equivalent qualifications and units of competence using Form B.

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Standing applications do not apply to VRQA-accredited courses.

For more information about transitioning a course, see:

How a standing application works

When there is an update to a training package, every RTO with a valid standing application may be eligible to have its scope of registration automatically updated.

If an equivalent product supersedes one of your training package products , we will automatically update your scope of registration

We will send an automated email confirming that your scope has been updated. The changes will also appear on the website.

We may put a standing application on hold or refuse it if an RTO fails to meet the eligibility criteria at any time. This is done at the VRQA discretion.

How to apply

Please complete Form E:

We have prepared a guide to help you complete the form:

Email your application to

Assessing your application

We will conduct a risk assessment to decide if your application should be accepted. In some cases, we may ask you for more information.

Based on the outcome of the assessment, a decision will be made on whether to grant you a standing application.

Outcome of application

If your standing application is accepted, it will only take effect when there is an update to a training package.

 Your application may be placed on hold or refused if:

  • a condition has been imposed on your RTO's registration
  • your RTO's registration has been suspended or cancelled
  • your RTO's registration has expired
  • your RTO is the subject of an enforceable undertaking
  • your RTO is not compliant with the relevant standards
  • the VRQA has assessed your RTO as a high risk provider
  • there is an outstanding complaint against your RTO.

We will let you know in writing if your standing application is not accepted. You can submit a new standing application at any time, but please make sure your RTO is eligible before re-applying.

Without a standing application, RTOs must apply for all training package upgrades using Form B.

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